About Us

Who We Are

Jimmy and Amanda. College sweethearts now married over a decade, who have spent way too much time (and money) in coffee shops over the years.

We founded Serviive Coffee Company in the wake of the pandemic, realizing that for far too many, access to adequate mental health services are needed now more than ever. We each struggled mentally in different ways during the pandemic, from the isolation of social distancing and being apart from family and loved ones, to postpartum depression after welcoming our second child.

Bottom line, there are so many in need without access to help.

We recently uprooted from the Midwest to move to Colorado for fresh air, mountain scenery, hiking, camping, and a love of all things our family and coffee.

Our Mission

To survive means to “live on”. We founded Serviive Coffee Company as a social enterprise with a mission to help others do just that- live on.

Our mission is simple: make buying quality coffee easy and give 5% to mental health organizations.

Our Impact

We didn’t just want to build a coffee business, we wanted to build a mission driven enterprise.

That is why we are committed to providing 5% of every purchase to organizations we carefully vet involved in these causes. These organizations work tirelessly to provide services to individuals and families while advocating for the kind of large scale changes necessary to move the needle on our society’s more pressing issues. 

We give only to top, four-star rated charities on Charity Navigator, and you know that when you buy from us, your dollars go to worthy causes. It’s a simple, yet impactful way to turn your everyday spending habits into real change and a chance for others to gain the services and outcomes they need to live on. We are grateful to both Mental Health America and the National Alliance on Mental Illness for the tireless work they perform each and every day and we are proud to support them.

Our Values

Trust through Transparency - We want to earn your trust through transparency. That means we are up front with you, our customers, about our coffee and our causes, 

Committed to Social Impact - We are a mission driven social impact enterprise to do good. That means we are committed to 5% of each purchase is donated to top rated charities. 

Accessibility - We believe that everyone deserves a delicious, quality cup of coffee. That means we’re not going to be pretentious about our coffee, brew method preferences, etc. Simply put, you do your coffee the way it suits you.

Customer Focused - We want to provide not only superior coffee, but also a superior experience for you, the customer. If we are not meeting your needs, we want to know. 

Unquestioned Quality - We strive for superior quality in both product and service. That means we will continually refine and perfect our business. 

Community - We believe we are part of a larger community, and a rising tide lifts all boats. Let’s lift more boats, together.